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 Our mission at Happy YOUniversity is to transform school communities by empowering faculty to be social-emotional leaders.  We provide professional development that is both personally transformative for faculty and readily applicable to the classroom.  This results in teachers who are primed to teach and students who are primed to learn.  

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We believe in a nugget of wisdom approach.  We know that schools and faculty want tools and tips that they can pick up quickly and put into place immediately.  Faculty can find themselves feeling ineffective, diluted, and missing their spark in these challenging times.  By using the nugget of wisdom approach we believe we can help schools find their spark, become more resilient, and feel empowered, positive, and connected.  We offer science-based tools that are actionable and bite-sized that can be implemented immediately.  


With over 40 years of teaching experience between us, we know the wins and the struggles of educators.  We believe that our program has the power to transform individuals and schools to a more positive mindset.  Imagine being a part of a team of positive thinkers who have found their spark and pride themselves on being social and emotional leaders.  We are graduates of the Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology program at the Flourishing Center out of New York and are certified life coaches.  We founded a company called Happy YOUniversity and regularly offer professional development, teach classes and share the science-based tools of positive psychology to help schools and individuals thrive.  Our mission is “to help schools become more self-aware, set intentions for growth, apply interventions to their communities and celebrate success on the way to transformation.”


“AIMS has invited Happy YOUniversity to speak at several of our events, and they were equally adept at connecting with classroom teachers, school counselors, and division heads. They bring a lightness to heavy work, a sense of fun to the critical job of caring for our selves and school communities. In short, they make it feel possible and manageable to uplift yourself and others, even during crisis and challenge.”

Alecia Berman-Dry,

Director of Professional Development

Happy YOUniversity 

Awareness  Intention  Application  Transformation


Join us for a  program in person or on zoom uniquely designed to meet the needs of your faculty.    While fostering connection we offer tools that help faculty both personally and professionally and result in students who are primed for learning.


This bite sized morning boost is the perfect way to start your day.  In this program we will be sharing our favorite tools of positive psychology in a bite sized and actionable format.  


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Follow us on social media, we share nuggets of wisdom, ask thought provoking questions and offer challenges to help you thrive. 


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We will work with you to meet the needs of your family, community school, or organization.   


This 21-day project is science based, microlearning delivered to your phone. Join one of our existing project dates and apply the skills of positive psychology.  This is a great tool for schools, businesses and communities.  Contact us to join as a group and learn and grow together. 


Bite sized, science based tools to help you live a more beautiful life 

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