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Happy YOU

Sara and Erin's Story 

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We know your time is valuable, so we design our programs to meet the demanding schedules of educators.  We provide science-based positive psychology tools in bite-size nuggets so you can pick them up quickly and put them into place immediately. 


Our nugget of wisdom approach helps faculty find their spark, become more resilient, feel empowered, positive, and connected.  



Happy YOUniversity

Positive Transformation Begins Here 


Join us for a  program in person or on zoom uniquely designed to meet the needs of your faculty.    While fostering connection we offer tools that help faculty both personally and professionally and result in students who are primed for learning.


Design  Your Experience 

We will work with you to meet the needs of your family, community school, or organization.   


Are you looking for clarity?  Struggling to show up as your best self?  Stuck and not sure how to move forward?  

Coaching is designed to help you find clarity in areas of your life that seem uncertain and to help you live an intentional life filled with meaning and purpose. Our positive psychology based coaching focuses on increasing resilience, building positive emotion, finding actionable solutions to your challenges, and helping you live your best life. We believe YOU have all the answers to life’s questions inside and that through powerful questions YOU can uncover them. A key piece to our coaching process is finding an accountability plan that keeps you focused on your goals and helps you move forward.  Let Happy YOU help you uncover clarity, confidence, and your next action. Schedule a 1:1 call with Sara or Erin.


Follow Us 

Follow us on social media, we share nuggets of wisdom, ask thought provoking questions and offer challenges to help you thrive. 


 Treat your community to connection calls via Zoom focusing on fostering parent connection, helping faculty rekindle their spark, or something designed to fit the needs of your school community.

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