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Parents and Faculty 

Happy YOUniversity is thrilled to be SPARKING CONNECTIONS among school communities.  We know schools are an essential part of a family's sense of community and belonging.  The current environment has many of us feeling disconnected, overwhelmed and uncertain.  It is time to get connected. 


Using the science based tools of positive psychology Sara Corckran and Erin Baldecchi are fostering connections between parents and schools and helping school communities to thrive. 



Join us for a 1 hour zoom call focusing on finding your spark, the myth of multitasking, and increasing your joy.  Give us an hour, you deserve it, and leave feeling connected to your school community and empowered to prioritize wellbeing during these uncertain times.  


Whether it is for  a school division or connecting specific grade parents this opportunity will give parents the connection they have been missing.



Does your staff feel like it's May and it's only October?  The change in educational programming has put a multitude of new demands on school personnel.  They are recreating curriculum, increasing communication, embracing technology and prioritizing the safety of students. We have always said teachers wear many hats, but covid has taken that to a new level. 



The increase in demands is taking a toll on educators and you probably noticed your staff feeling ineffective, fearful and exhausted.  We believe it's time to do something about it.  In our one hour zoom call we foster connection, teach tools of resilience, and provide a renewed feeling of empowerment.  At Happy YOUniversity we use bite sized, science based, actionable tools. Join us for an hour, whether you offer it for a faculty meeting, PD or a gift to show your appreciation, they deserve it.

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