Happy YOUniversity

Our Mission is to help others become more self aware, set intentions for growth, apply interventions to their life and celebrate success on the way to transformation.  

Happy YOUniversity is an 8 week online program designed to help you live an intentional and positive life. During this on-line program we will share the tools of positive psychology that will help you live a more purposeful, engaged and beautiful life.   
We believe  the best way to learn these skills is through intentional practice and application.  There is a guide to assist you in your learning and in addition we offer 2 one on one coaching/check in calls to personalize your learning.  You can expect the following:

  • To be introduced to new actionable tools. 

  • Learn the science and research behind the tools.

  • Engage in powerful coaching questions.

  • Meet a whole new community of like-minded people.

Here is a clip of Happy YOUniveristy

Bite sized, science based tools to help you live a more beautiful life 

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