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Happy YOUniversity's Positive Leadership Project 

Positive Leadership Project is based on the science of optimal human functioning, positive psychology.  Although using the tools of positive psychology often results in greater happiness, “being happy” isn’t our focus.  Our focus is on building resilience, deep meaningful relationships, building common language, developing a practice and a culture of gratitude, recognizing strengths in one’s self and in others, shifting to a more positive and growth mindset,  and creating habits to sustain lasting change.  Learning these tools results in an increase in positivity, collaboration, compassion and productivity.

More than 50% of people are just getting by and would describe themselves as “fine”. “Fine” isn’t waking up ready to make a great day, fine isn’t motivated to create and be more productive.  Fine isn’t living a beautiful life. Fine is just going through the motions.  Are you ready for more than just "fine? Are you ready to find more spark?"

Join in an experience designed for you to choose when, where and with whom you want to build a more beautiful life.

  • Bite-sized, actionable, science based positive psychology tools delivered to your phone.

  • Designed to spark transformation within by taking you  from “getting by” to "thriving."

  • 10 minutes a day for 21 days with instruction, reflection and connection.

  • Topics include awareness, gratitude, building strengths, and resilience.


What People are Saying

  • My heart is full from starting the day with this exercise!  

  • ...Really interesting perspective on myself and those I love.

  • It’s fantastic. You both do such a great job.  And the small short chunks are great.  It’s really, really good!

  • Your positive outlook and enthusiasm is so encouraging. 

  • Keep doing what you’re doing! Your sharing of your light with the world helps others shine brighter.

  • It's a wonderful thing to wake up to and practice starting my day well. 

  • Thank you thank you thank you!

  • I love this! 

  • Seeing my strengths in myself and others is powerful. 

  • I love learning new tools in my every day life.

  • The small challenges are a great length and interesting while engaging. 

  • I love this challenge. 

  • I have been incorporating gratitude into my life this week and it has genuinely made a huge difference. 

  • I love everything about this I learned many tools to use daily. 

  • This is a great learning experience.

                  What Teens are Saying 

  • I have been incorporating gratitude a lot into my life this week and it has genuinely made such a huge difference

  • The small challenges are a great legnth and interesting while engaging

  • I really enjoyed the value mining because I had to think a lot about what was important to me and apply it to my life.

  • I enjoyed relearning about my strengths

  • I have really enjoyed the program and I think all of the tools and strategies are incredibly helpful in the real world!

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