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“AIMS has invited Happy YOUniversity to speak at several of our events, and they were equally adept at connecting with classroom teachers, school counselors and division heads. They bring a lightness to heavy work, a sense of fun to the critical job of caring for our selves and school communities. In short, they make it feel possible and manageable to uplift yourself and others, even during crisis and challenge.”

Alecia Berman-Dry,

Director of Professional Development


Erin Baldecchi and Sara Corckran of HappYOUniversity offered a dose of sunshine to our member schools during the doldrums of winter.  They take familiar concepts in the field of positive psychology, distill them into usable tools, and make them accessible through contemporary social media platforms and perfectly-paced in-person sessions.  I was especially impressed with their flexibility, timely responses to my requests and eagerness to customize their expertise to the needs of our schools.  Truly a “dream team” of collaborators!


An incredible program that changed my way of thinking for the better and introduced new ways to create a better life for myself and family. 

Erin and Sara are a great team.  They are passionate about the subject matter and it shows in the way in which they have organized the course and the enthusiasm with which they teach. It was obvious that much time and effort was spent distilling a vast amount of information and selecting what they felt were the most salient pearls of wisdom from many sources.

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