Inspiring kindness in your community

Joy Drop

JOY begins with you.  Start by spreading a drop of JOY to an unsuspecting person and inspire them to pass it on by leaving the Joy Drop card. Watch how a single act of kindness can turn into a waterfall of kindness and connection in your community. 


Call to Action

  1. Decide on the person and the details of the JOY you will drop.

  2. Drop the JOY and the card so they can spread the joy to someone else. 

  3. Savor the JOY you feel. 

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Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 11.54.58
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Look and listen for opportunities in your life to spread JOY.

Need some suggestions?  Try these.

Ideas for students to do with each other

  • Place a note in someones locker

  • Help another student with homework 

  • Save a seat for an unexpected classmate

  • Pay for someone behind you at Dunkin or Chick-Fil-A 

  • Bring in a treat for a friend

  • When you stop for your breakfast or coffee bring in something extra to share with the first person you see

  • Sharpen a new pencil pack and give a few away

  • Leave a note of encouragement for someone who needs it 

  • Say hi and/or start a conversation with someone in a different friend group

  • Bring an extra something in your lunch and give it to someone

  • Make a playlist for a friend with their favorite songs

  • Make a treat bags and leave them in lockers or on classmates desks

  • Post a great photo of a friend and acknowledge them 

  • Send a funny Snap to someone who needs to be cheered up


Ideas for faculty and staff to do with each other

  • When you are cleaning your glasses offer to clean the persons next to you

  • Bring in coffee or a doughnut  for an unexpected colleague 

  • Leave a note of encouragement for someone who needs it 

  • Drop off a new grading pen, water bottle, coffee mug, hand sanitizer etc and leave it in someone's mailbox or on their desk

  • Leave a small chocolate on someone's desk. 

  • Offer to cover lunch or break duty for someone

  • Bring in flowers or a plant and leave them on someone’s desk

  • surprise someone with a freshly baked treat

  • Leave a gas gift card in someones mailbox

  • Set an alarm for 3 different times during the day and when the alarm goes off do something nice for someone. 

  • Offer to babysit for a colleagues children for free? 

  • Buy a potted plant and give it to a custodial worker

  • Keep an extra umbrella at work and lend it out when it rains.

  • Take a muffin to the librarian

  • Write a letter to a former teacher who made a difference in your life.


Get Your Joy Drop Cards Now

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