Erin Baldecchi

I would like to introduce you to my partner and best friend Erin.  It's funny that I am introducing her to you as she is the one who is always introducing me to new things.  Not just new things but life changing things,some of my favorites are positive psychology, bourbon, and Dominoes.  Erin is the kind of girl who carves out time to meditate every morning and miraculously got her kids to do it during a global pandemic.  She is the calm in the storm and her presence brings calm to the people around her.  Her gentle touch has magical powers and has been known to ground her Head of School husband during the most difficult times.   Now don’t go making judgements about her, she is also the girl at the party wearing a green wig and handing out a rainbow of wigs to her friends to spark some extra joy.  Erin has a beautiful family;  the kind of family that has Harry Potter movie marathons, wears a family ring (knock knock) and load up the car for an 8 hour road trip like it's a trip to the grocery.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention Frodo. I often think I want a dog until I am in his diaper wearing presence when I am quickly reminded that it would not be a good idea.  Remember the 8 hour car ride I told you about?  Guess who has his diaper wearing self in the front seat....Frodo and he is on Erins lap.  Erin is the queen of compassion and calm and she is able to take forgiveness to a whole new level.  She is one of the people I most admire in this world and I am beyond grateful for her friendship and partnership. 

If you have an interest in the nitty gritty academia on Erin here are her accomplishments Erin earned her Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology and coaching certificate through The Flourishing Center in New York. In addition to her work with The Flourishing Center, she has also completed a specialization in Foundations of Positive Psychology from UPenn through Coursera.  Erin also has over 20 years of experience in  education and she has worked with heads of school and school communities on flourishing skills and positive psychology.   Erin holds a BA in English from Salem College and completed her student teaching there.

Sara Corckran

Meet Sara, my best friend and business partner.  She is supremely confident and the queen of action and accountability.  She can tell a story that will keep you captivated and make you feel like you are living it with her.  She can somehow manage to be present and patient with her 6 year-old daughter Isla when she leaves her zoom classroom for the 15th time all while working on her own zoom with me.  She isn’t a multitasker--she knows how to pivot and be present with the person who is in front of her.  Sara has a metaphor for everything and we share a  passion for wigs, bourbon, playing dominoes and being on the water.  Tennis is one of her many superpowers and she doesn’t make it through a day without spending some time in nature.  Get to know her, she will keep you laughing, thinking, and growing.  I’m so fortunate to learn from her every day.

If credibility interests you then read this.  Sara earned her B. S. from Penn State University,  her MS in School Administration and Reading from Johns Hopkins, and her Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center in NY.  She earned her International Coaching Federation certification in 2020.   She designed and taught education courses at Anne Arundel Community College for the past 17 years.  

About Us 

When they are not sharing nuggets of wisdom on Zoom you can find Erin and Sara savoring their time together on the Severn River where they have perfected the routine of morning sunrise, walking the trails, dip on the paddle boards, and cheers with a bourbon. Rinse and repeat. These two believe in celebrating the small things. They know that when you acknowledge your wins you focus on gratitude and put more positive energy towards forward momentum.  So, whether it is a wig dance party with friends, a hot cup of coffee to welcome a new day, or a cheers after a work success these friends know the importance of savoring and honoring.  What are you celebrating? 

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