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Flourish in the Forest #1

Flourish in the Forest #1


Flourish in the Forest 1
Join Erin Baldecchi and Sara Corckran to expand your knowledge of the science of happiness and find more fulfillment in your life. Flourish 1 includes topics such as gratitude, building positive emotion, cultivating forgiveness, mind chatter, reframing, changing habits, focusing on positive relationships, and honoring intuition. Classes meet Mondays from 1:15-2:45PM on June 19th and 26th; July 3rd, 17th, 24th (9:30- 11), 31st, and August 7th. Classes will focus on learning a new skill/concept, practicing it with an activity, and group discussion/coaching. It’s a wonderful way to grow with friends and bring more joy into your life! $250 – RSVP to Erin 828-242-2103 or Sara 410-271-5378 to join!

Location is 838 Robin Hood Road