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Positive Relationships

Creating a Culture of Connection and Belonging

Happy YOUniversity has created a program designed to foster a sense of belonging and community in schools.


Science tells us that intentionally building positive relationships and connection in the classroom will create an atmosphere of safety and an optimal environment for learning.  Students who feel a sense of belonging and connection in the classroom perform better academically, are more attentive to their teacher, and are more connected to their peers. 


The Details 

In just 10 minutes a day for fourteen days,  you can begin to make changes in your classroom and school that will build lasting trust and positive results.   

You can expect to:

  • Feel more connected in your personal and professional relationships 

  • Create a sense of belonging and community in your classroom

  • Strengthen connections with your students

  • Become other-centered to boost your own happiness 

  • Help your students deepen connections with each other

  • Increase student engagement, motivation, and learning

  • Reach beyond your classroom and be a Social-Emotional Leader in your school community

Interested in a launch for your school? 

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