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Positive Leadership Project for Schools


Positive Leadership Project is a program designed to foster a transformation in school communities.  During the 21 days educators will build resilience, develop a practice and a culture of gratitude, recognizing strengths in one’s self and in others, and shift to a more positive and growth mindset.  Learning these tools results in an increase in positivity, collaboration, compassion, and productivity in a school.


Our programs are based on the science of optimal human functioning, positive psychology.  Although using the tools of positive psychology often results in greater happiness, “being happy” isn’t our focus. Our focus is on



Here are some of the details:

Positive Leadership Project is a 21-day micro-learning experience delivered to your phone, sharing the science-based tools of positive psychology.  Each day you will:

1. Watch a short video (3-5 min)  learning a tool of wellness or positive psychology.

2. Be given a task to think about or act on for the day.

3. Be prompted to interact with your community through the chat feature to build connections. 

4. Respond in a journal to reflect on your experience and deepen understanding.


The total time commitment each day is about 10 minutes.  

You can expect that by the end of the 21 days you will be:

*More empowered

*More grateful

*More resilient

*More able to see the strengths in yourself and others

*Have common language to facilitate awareness and clarity among staff.

What people are saying

  • Perfectly paced

  • So Accessible 

  • A dose of sunshine

  • Highlight of my day

  • User friendly

  • Best kind of PD

  • professionally enriching and personally enlightening

  • Wonderful 3 weeks! 

  • Well thought out

  • Encouraging

  • Easily applicable

  • Simple mindset shifts

  • Maximizes wellbeing ​

  • Bite sized program with a full size impact 

  • Helped me set a very positive mindet

  • Changes my whole day 

  • More intentional about my mindset and my mood. 

  • Perfect community building and bonding activity ​​​

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