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At Happy YOUniversity we have developed a program called Positive Leadership Project that is designed to provide schools and businesses with tools to be social emotional leaders.   Our programs are based on the science of optimal human functioning, positive psychology.  Although using the tools of positive psychology often results in greater happiness, “being happy” isn’t our focus. Our focus is on building resilience, developing a practice and a culture of gratitude, recognizing strengths in one’s self and in others, and shifting to a more positive and growth mindset.  Learning these tools results in an increase in positivity, collaboration, compassion, and productivity in a community.


Our mission is to create a large scale shift to a positive mindset by helping schools and businesses become more self-aware,  set intentions for growth, apply interventions, and celebrate success on the way to transformation.  We do this through teaching  bite-sized, science-based actionable tools of positive psychology.  

Offering this challenge is an effective and affordable opportunity to demonstrate your concern for the mental health and wellbeing of your employees.  The tools in PLP will help you find your spark as an individual and as a community.   Here are some of the details:

Positive Leadership Project is a 21-day micro-learning experience delivered to your phone, sharing the science-based tools of positive psychology.  Each day you will watch a short video (3-5 min)  learning about a favorite tool of ours.  We selected tools that we feel connect with people and are the most impactful and actionable.  You will have a journal to reflect on your experience as well as a chat feature to connect with others who are also in the project. Learning within the challenge is individual with an opportunity for connection and growth as a community.   The total time commitment each day is about 10 minutes.  You can expect that by the end of the 21 days you will be:

  • More empowered

  • More grateful

  • More resilient

  • More able to see the strengths in yourself and others

  • Have common language to facilitate awareness and clarity among staff.

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What people are saying

  • Thank you both for the great work you have done. I came into this program thinking it would provide me with quick and easy PD (Professional Development) but to my surprise, it did just that and also turned out to be a highlight of my day! The tools, the videos, the workbook are so user friendly. The PLP HappyUniversity is the best kind of PD - professionally enriching and personally enlightening! - Beth Tfiloh 

  • Thank you both for a wonderful 3 weeks!  PLP is so accessible and well-thought out, and the two of you are both very encouraging.  All of your content is easily applicable to life’s everyday moments.  By teaching small scale tools and simple mindset shifts, you help participants maximize their own well-being.  A bite-sized program with a full-sized impact.  Well done! -Severn School 

  •  I am by nature an upbeat person but this year really did take its toll. This 21 day challenge which took me a bit more than 21 days really helped boost me up. I love some of the ideas to take back to my students and have been using many already. I loved the idea of savoring and kindness and have shared that with my middle school students over the past few days and choices (helps them take ownership). Selfishly, this has helped me set a very positive mindset for major surgery I am having in two weeks. I feel emotionally prepared for it and am very much so choosing how I think about it and my recovery. - Ohr Chadash Academy

  • It really changes my whole day to start with the lessons.  As I drive into my office I notice I'm so much more intentional
    about my mindset, my mood, and my goals for the day.  It's really helping me get ready to reopen a school of 1900 students!
    What hard days these can be. Huge thanks to you and Sara for creating this. - Westminster

  • The 21 Day Positive Leadership Challenge was the perfect community building and bonding activity for our faculty during the summer. The teachers and staff who participated gained so many tools that will not only help them in their personal and professional life, but also they can share those same tools and strategies with their students. It’s truly a Win-Win! - The Lexington School 

Bite sized, science based tools to help you live a more beautiful life 

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